Dog days of summer

We love our academic neighbors at George Fox, Portland Community College, and University of Phoenix, but <yawn> you all seem to be gone for the summer. So, since you’re not staying up late drinking coffee (or wine – did I mention we have wine?), we’re not staying late either.

Beginning on Monday, July 16th (2012), we’ll begin closing one hour earlier : at 5pm.

So, until you start beating down our doors in the evening again, Beveland Coffee hours will be :

Monday-Friday : 6am – 5pm

Saturday : 8am – 2pm

Sunday : closed

Want us to open earlier? Then make lots of comments here, and on Facebook!

Remember. You can take advantage of the quiet by arranging to rent the cafe for your event. Ask about it the next time you’re in.

Beveland Street Coffee West Coast Chicken Salad

Beat the summer heat with a cool West Coast Chicken Salad from Beveland Street Coffee.

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