Closed for Thanksgiving November 28 and 29th

Beveland Coffee Thanksgiving Closure November 28-29 2013Would you look at that. Another Holiday Season is upon us. There’s a distinct chill in the air, with temperatures dropping below freezing, car windows frosting, and where did I leave that ice scraper!It’s also the time for gathering with family and friends, taking on the challenges of the kitchen, and trying  to figure out how to keep the food hot en-route.Like most of you, we’ll be out there, hitting the roads, gathering around fireplaces, and generally resting and recuperating from the daily routine. We know you’ll miss having us cook your fresh meals this Thursday, 11/28/2013, and Friday, 11/29/2013, but rest assured, we’ll be here again, bright and early on Monday, December 2nd!

With that, we’d like to thank you for every purchase, every tip, and every smile; ; without which, we couldn’t be here. Finally, we wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving, and look forward to hearing about your Thanksgiving next week.


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